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Family and Make-Believe

Saturday, September 03, 2011 by RDT

Meet Marlee's family: (clockwise from left to right) Daddy Bear, Marlee, Marlee Bear, and Monkey (Wolfie was missing from this photo shoot).

Marlee has been very interested in family relationships lately. Currently, she has three kids: Marlee Bear (the big sister), Wolfie (the boy), and Monkey (the baby sister). Recently she added Daddy Bear as her husband and the daddy of these kiddos.

She pretends everything with these guys. She feeds and diapers the babies, puts them down for naps, puts them in "carriers" to carry them around house. She had a wedding the other day (in which she asked me to sing the A,B,C's) and she danced around the living room with Daddy Bear. She tells me to be quiet when the babies are sleeping and gives me instructions for their care when she has to go "to work" or "to church" or somewhere else.

She also decided this week that Stephen and I are the Grandpa and Grandma for her three kids, Didn't think I'd have grandkids this soon!

Below are some classic action shots:

Wolfie and Monkey down for naps with their (play-doh) pacifiers.

Monkey and Wolfie, potty training.


At Sep 6, 2011, 7:46:00 AM, Anonymous Jordan said...

How sweet!


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