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Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 by RDT

 The verdict is in.

 True to her word, Marlee did not wear the Olivia Pig costume. And much to my surprise, she did not have a meltdown when she saw Hazel wear it. In fact, both girls were quite happy with their respective costumes and, aside from a loud-ish discussion on our way home about who the true owner of the red striped shirt is, they got along splendidly all afternoon and evening.

The view from behind. Note the tiny brown nub on the back of Marlee's sweatshirt - it is a bear tail. This "bear" costume was really the same as her monkey costume from last year, only with a different tail (and this year she was willing to wear ears). Yay for re-using costumes!


Here's hoping she wears it . . .

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 by RDT

Meet Olivia Pig! 

1) Marlee requested this costume and stuck with her decision for multiple days before changing her mind.

2) Marlee has declared over and over to me today (often in tears) that she WILL NOT wear this costume to go trick or treating (not that she knows what that is).

3) She insists that she will be a pink bunny for Halloween and calls the ears "bunny ears".

4) I TOTALLY MADE THAT DRESS. ALL BY MYSELF (with Stephen as a brainstorming buddy, of course).

5) To give credit where it is due, Marlee helped me design, cut out, and glue the ears (all the while calling them bunny ears).

6) We are not neglecting Hazel - she will be a cute little brown bear. But she is more likely to let us put her costume on her without too much fight. Pictures to come!


Sister Love

Sunday, October 21, 2012 by RDT

This week little Lucy (aka, Louie, Li'l Bean, Bean, Lou Bean, etc.) will hit the two month milestone. She is growing so fast and is more and more interested in her surroundings. She smiles and coos and is just generally in a better mood overall. Yay!

One of the greatest benefits of her increasing awareness is her interest in her big sisters. 
And they LOVE it. 

A little sister-to-sister heart-to-heart.