Stephen Thrasher, Comet Smasher

Deer Hooves Have Little Traction on Pavement

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 by Stephen

Johnson Space Center is the home of at least one herd of deer. Tonight as I headed home from the gym, I saw some deer. Two minutes later, I saw some more in the road, and I waved to a car to slow down. The driver slowed down for me but didn't figure out the deer until he was about to run them over. Two minutes later, I saw one dart in front of a moving truck and then slip-slide its way back to the curb, sliding like it was on ice. It reminded me of those wildlife shows with the newborn deer with the wobbly legs. The slidey deer was part of a group of at least six or seven. I rode right through the middle of them on my bicycle and sent them scattering to the sides of the road. Fortunately, no bucks.


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